The MYVML Consult program from Yael Center institute is the third online service, joining the MYVML Evaluate and MYVML Train program. This service’s goal is to enable online support in various ways, completing the other two services.

The MYVML consult service is based on the VML method which targeting motor speech deficit. The VML method is a world wide treatment method with over 20 years of experience and thousands of patients treated with success. Read more about the VML method.

The MYVML consult service is given by the VML method experts around the world, using the VML method extensive knowledge and experience. You don’t have to meet the expert in-person today in order to make a good use of the knowledge, you can use the MYVML consult service.   Yaelcenter institute will team up an expert based on availability and language. Our experts are based in Israel, Romania, Slovenia, and Taiwan. Read more about our experts.

Areas of support :

  1. Speech evaluation
  2. Speech consultant
  3. Developmental consultant
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Yael center VML Evaluate dr.Elad Vashdi
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Online consultation packages

Online consultation packages are also available. The package will ensure the best professional support over time for 1 month, 6 months and 12 months. Buy purchasing these packages you can make sure you are guided and supported for a long time and for the best value.

The payment for the packages is per package and not through the credits system.

1 month

$ (USD) 400
  • Online evaluations: 1
  • Online consultations: up to 4
  • Videos analysis: unlimited
  • Forum: no

6 months

$ (USD) 1800
  • Online evaluations: up to 3
  • Online consultations: up to 30
  • Videos analysis: unlimited
  • Forum: yes

12 months

$ (USD) 3200
  • Online evaluations: up to 8
  • Online consultations: up to 80
  • Videos analysis: unlimited
  • Forum: yes
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